Tara and Josh – craziest engagement session ever!!

So before the weather turned unbearably hot, I met with Tara and Josh at Washington Park near Avon.  It’s a beautiful park with lots to do as we soon found out.  I had met Tara several times before, but really didn’t know Josh very well.  I quickly determined he was one of the most fun grooms I’ve ever worked with.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!  They played on the playground, made fish faces – in honor of Josh’s sister, I think – and “frolicked” through the dead grass.  I know we got some strange looks from the little kids, but they won’t be harmed permanently!  The best part, by far, was the way they looked at each other when they were being serious.  Each one feels they are the luckiest person on earth – as it should be.  Can’t wait for the wedding guys – I’ll be sure to bring my Depends!  See you soon!Engagment session for Tara and Josh

Kylie and Sam

I’ve known Kylie for many years.  Kylie and my daughter, Megan were in high school together.  At one point, people thought they were twins!  Kylie’s mom, Claudette, and I got quite a kick out of that.  Both of us distinctly remember giving birth to one baby!

Kylie and Sam blessed me incredibly by asking me to photograph their wedding!  We started by heading to downtown Indianapolis to do engagement pictures as soon as the weather was warm enough!

As it happens, Kylie is a big Green Bay Packers fan.  Despite our best efforts, nothing Sam or I could say or do could convince her of the error of her ways!  So it looks as if theirs will be a mixed marriage – Colts and Packers!