Claire and Jordan’s Wedding

Claire and Jordan are two of the nicest people you could ever meet!  I’ve known Claire and her family for quite a while and it was a pleasure getting to know Jordan.  They decided they wanted a winter wedding, so January 10th lots of their friends and family gathered to wish Claire and Jordan the best in their new life together.

When we met before the wedding, Claire said she really wanted snow pictures.  At the time, it was sunny and about 45 degrees.  I told her I couldn’t help her there – it was above my pay grade!  She just smiled and said “God knows!”  Sure enough, a few days before the wedding, we had a beautiful snow!  When I saw her the morning of her wedding, I commented on it and she just said – “I told you, God knew!”  The fact that it was barely double digit temperatures that day didn’t deter her at all!  We got her snow pictures and they were beautiful!  Best wishes to a wonderful couple and their amazing families!

Claire and Jordan's Wedding

Claire and Jordan’s Wedding




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